Irene - 5H


Irene - 5H

DC Ceiling Fan

Cutting a figure like no other, the Irene-5H ceiling mount fan is rustic, yet strikingly modern with five neatly joined solid wood walnut or barn wood tone blades. A cylindrical motor housing complements its minimal profile. Irene-5H is streamline while still appearing warm and natural. 

Energy Efficient

•Five solid wood walnut or barn wood tone blades. in 60″, 52″ or 42″ diameter.
•Energy efficient, ultra-quiet, six-speed and reversible DC motor with new, reliable technology.
•Damp location finishes: brushed nickel, polished chrome, textured bronze, matte black, brushed brass and gloss white.


Irene - 5H

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Damp Location: All standard finishes.
  • Not recommended for salt water/ocean front applications.
  • CFM: 42″ Diameter – 3988 Blade Pitch: 15°
    RPM: 226  Watts: 26
  • CFM: 52″ Diameter – 4969 Blade Pitch: 15°
    RPM: 151 Watts: 32
  • CFM: 60″ Diameter – 3543 Blade Pitch: 15º
    RPM: 78  Watts: 32

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